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Jim Hamilton is a business consultant and author with over 40 years of experience in the hi-tech business.  More importantly he is the father of three, grandfather of five and husband to a remarkable woman.  Author of the autobiography Waves of Life, It’s All About Her:  A Man-to-Mans’ Guide to Marital Bliss, the parable In Pursuit of Love and The Happy Couple Playbook, he is known for his insightful and entertaining writing style.  Through his writing, national interviews and blogging, he is on a mission to help people enhance their lives by improving the way connect, communicate and care for one another.


Waves of Life
A Grateful Man's Journey

Living the idyllic childhood in 1960s Northern California, Jim Hamilton had no idea the challenges, pain and grief that awaited him.  In Waves of Life, he tells you about the 3 Big Waves he has experienced in his life and the valuable lessons he learned from them.


From the passing of his older brother through battles with health issues and addiction, his journey takes us through the pain and joy of his life.  Relying on his own experiences, the knowledge of sports and medical experts and key people from his life, he tells an extraordinary story of determination, strength, self-awareness and hope.


As Jim shares, “Love is the greatest gift you can receive and give.  This may be more visible to you if you slow down and take the time to enjoy everyone around you and every day you have.  Life is not forever, but the opportunity to experience it is limitless”


So please lay out your towel, unfold your chair, get comfortable and break out a cold one as he shares his story about the waves of his life.  In doing so, you just may learn how to dive into the water and make your swim more enjoyable as you ride the waves of your life.

Now available at:  Waves of Life: A Grateful Man's Journey: Hamilton, Jim: 9781956769081: Books


Other works by Jim Hamilton

It's All About Her
A Man-to-Man's Guide to Marital Bliss

The multitude of pressures that lead relationships between couples from their starting point of love, passion, respect and hope to apathy, complacency, repetitiveness, and discouragement are often allowed to take hold, rendering the outlook for many relationships bleak. Women spend millions to find solutions in books and therapy.  The hunt is for the approach that will solve their marital problems--or at least "fix" their spouse.


Written by a man and for men, It's All About Her speaks to everyday problem-solving and relationship-improving in a practical, playful and more than occasionally profound way. in a straightforward, witty and thought-provoking style, It's All About Her is designed to spur actions and deliver insights that work in the real world.  It provides dozens of how-to's for everything from giving gifts to entertaining, teaming on the career front and attending kids' sporting events.  Some are about fun, some romance, some respect but all enhance the relationship -- and recall the basics that often fall by the wayside in long-term, side-by side living.  

Available at Jim Hamilton: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle


In Pursuit of Love

Badly injured from his car accident and stranded on the side of a hill, hi-tech executive Tom Daniels is faced with even greater challenges than those presented by his dark and damp circumstances:  himself.  But through the guidance of three mysterious women, Tom is given the opportunity to experience his past, present and future, enabling him to make some very important decisions that will impact not only his life, but those of his wife and family.


In this 21st century parable, the reader joins Tom Daniels' journey from his childhood's idyllic start through many personal challenges.  The reliving of his past sets the stage for Tom to evaluate his life and possibilities for the future, ultimately allowing to him to answer the question, "Where's love?"


Respectfully adapting the time travel form from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", the author provides a vehicle for all of us to evaluate our own lives and possibilities.

Available at Jim Hamilton: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle


The Happy Couple Playbook
Football Strategies for Winning the Marriage Game

American Football is the most popular sport in North America, generating annual revenues of over $9 billion.  From August through February, millions of fans attend or watch these games and spend the rest of the year talking about them.  But it doesn't stop there.  Bridging the periods of watching the contests is the constant media coverage, fantasy leagues, merchandise purchasing and time, men's time engaged in all things football.  This bears the question:  How can the average males football fan watch, spend, think and talk about America's Game and still keep an eye on one of the most important games of his life--his marriage?


The male fascination with the National Football League (NFL) games presents some interesting challenges and terrific opportunities in the National Marriage League (NML), the league those men became a member of by simply saying, "I do."  Those challenges and opportunities are the focus of The Happy Couple Playbook: Football Strategies for Winning the Marriage Game. This book is a football fan's guide on how to keep a happy life and live a happy life.  It will show you how to win the game that really counts:  the game of marriage.

Available at Jim Hamilton: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle



Jim Hamilton


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